In the UK, the average couple spends 20 months engaged.

During that time, there’s a lot to do, including a pre-wedding photoshoot.

Pre-wedding photos take place one to three months before your wedding. The couple meets with their wedding photographer to capture some professional, pre-married shots of the happy couple.

But are pre-wedding photos a worthwhile investment? We’ll let you decide after reading our eight benefits of pre-wedding photoshoots.

1. Get Acquainted With Your Wedding Photographer

Ideally, you will want to use the same photographer for your wedding and pre-wedding photoshoots. The more you work with the same photographer, the smoother your shoots will go.

While taking pre-wedding pictures, you can learn more about your photographer and vice versa. You can talk about different angles, try out various poses, and get to know each other’s personalities.

Working with your photographer before your wedding day can make you feel more comfortable and less stressed.

You can view the pictures and give your photographer feedback about what you like and don’t like. By the time your big day arrives, your wedding photographer will know exactly what you’re looking for.

2. Relieve Wedding Planning Stress

Out of 2,000 British newlyweds, 52% claimed the wedding planning process was stressful. In fact, 17% of respondents said they were happy to let someone else take over to alleviate anxiety.

Reduce wedding stress by booking a pre-wedding photoshoot. You may have a lot going on, but finding some time to strike a pose with your partner can help you unwind and chill out.

While a pre-wedding photoshoot will produce top-notch pictures, most photographers encourage the couples to have a little fun. They will laugh, hug, kiss, and jump into one another’s arms. Plus, the shoot is an excuse to hang out with your favourite person, and what couldn’t be fun about that?

3. Capture a Few Non-Wedding Couple Photos

iPhone quality is great, but nothing compares to the power of a professional photographer. A pre-wedding photoshoot is a perfect opportunity to add a few non-selfie photos to your collection.

Plus, the shoot will capture the pre-wedding days you may forget in the years to come. The process will be fun, light, and cheerful, which is how you’ll want to remember the early days of your relationship. As the years go by, you’ll always have the pictures to remind you of the romantic period leading up to your wedding.

4. Revisit Romantic Spots

While your wedding venue may be chosen based on location and finances, your pre-wedding shoot can take place anywhere.

Your pictures can be captured somewhere near-and-dear to you and your partner’s hearts. Plan the shoot where you and your companion enjoyed your first date or at a spot you often visit together.

5. Use the Photos in Your Wedding

Many couples use pre-wedding shoots to develop materials for their wedding day. You can transform the photos into save-the-date cards for wedding guests.

Save-the-dates are an informal method of announcing your upcoming nuptials. Save-the-date cards should be sent out six to eight months before your wedding. The actual invitations should be delivered eight weeks of your wedding date.

So how can you have a little fun with your save-the-date cards? By transforming your favourite shot from your pre-wedding photoshoot into the invitation. The photo adds a personalised touch to your cards, and your family will love receiving a save-the-date featuring your smiling faces.

You can also incorporate your pre-wedding shots into your wedding day decor. Add them to a wedding-day slideshow, use the photos to create a signing board, or incorporate the pictures into your centrepieces.

6. Transform the Photos Into Home Decorations

Pre-wedding photography produces gorgeous photos of in-love couples. The pictures deserve more than to be shoved into a scrapbook. Instead, use the photos to create customised home decor.

You can blow up the photos to create large pictures to hang over your bed or display in your living room. Or you can transform the professional shots into various household objects, such as: 

  • Coffee mugs and wine tumblers
  • Hanging canvas prints
  • Metal prints (for indoor or outdoor use)
  • Wooden frames
  • Pillow shams 
  • Blankets and beach towels
  • Playing cards
  • Puzzles
  • Magnets
  • Christmas ornaments
  • Bath mats
  • Wall hook organisers

The options are limitless when it comes to using your pre-wedding shots to spruce up your home.

To convert professional photographs into stylish decorations, take your professional photos to a local print shop or use an online provider, such as Shutterfly. 

7. Time Flexibility

They say your wedding day goes by in a blink of an eye. Depending on how jam-packed your schedule is, you’ll likely be on a time-crunch during your actual wedding photoshoot.

You may only have a few hours to capture your wedding-day photos, but investing in a pre-wedding photoshoot gives you greater flexibility.

The shoot can take place whenever you and your partner decide. Whether it’s a sunrise shoot, afternoon session, or early evening meet-up, you and your partner can decide on the time.

In addition, pre-wedding photoshoots can provide backup photos in case something goes askew on your wedding day.

You may be planning a picturesque outdoor wedding photoshoot, but Mother Nature may have other plans. Arranging a pre-wedding outdoor photoshoot ensures you’ll get the scenic photos you have in mind.

8. It’s an Excuse to Dress Up

Who doesn’t love to play dress-up? Most people can agree it’s fun to touch up their makeup, curl their hair, and throw on an outfit that makes them feel like a runway model.

Pre-wedding shoots are the perfect opportunity to do all of those things. With you and your partner looking better than ever, the photoshoot is bound to boost your self-esteem and make you feel like a star.

Ready to Schedule Your Pre-Wedding Photos?

A pre-wedding photoshoot is a fun way to create romantic memories. Use the shoot as an opportunity to create wedding day material, home decor, or alleviate stress.

Are you looking for a photographer to capture your pre-wedding photos? Learn more about pre-wedding photoshoot packages with Leighton Bainbridge Photography.