Your wedding is going to be one of the most memorable days of your life. The last thing you want to be left behind is poorly posed pictures that don’t truly capture the magic of your wedding day.

In this article, we will provide you with some wedding photo poses that are going to ensure that every beautiful moment of your wedding is captured and will last forever. Please continue reading to find out what poses are a must-have when your photographer aims their camera in your direction.

Stand Up Straight

When you’re thinking of wedding poses that you want to be taken, the first thing you need to consider when posing is your posture. When you think of yourself in your wedding dress and your groom in his suit, it can ruin the picture if you both have poor posture.

Having good posture will help to lengthen your frame and give every curve it’s chance to shine through the photograph. Before the photographer takes each picture, ensure that you take a deep breath. By doing this, your body will automatically align your shoulders and back, creating better posture for the photos.

First Look Pictures

One of the most popular photos taken during couples’ weddings these days is the first look photo. Gone are the days of waiting to see the bride down the aisle, instead couples are participating in an intimate and private first look of each other.

There are many ways that this pose can be done, and that’s what makes it unique because it gives you the ability to customize it in the way that you want. You’re never going to forget the look on each other’s faces when you see each other right before you pledge yourselves to a life of commitment.

Using Props

You can spice up wedding pictures by using different props to make the pictures fun. The props that you include may be sweet, or they can be whimsical. The prop is to add something extra to the photos that allow the couple to show their personalities in a non-traditional posing way.

You could even use a prop that says thank you on it. Once you receive the photo from the photographer, you can then use it to be the face of the thank you cards you send to guests for attending your weddings and for their thoughtful gifts.

Capture the Laughter

Much of your wedding day will be spent posing and smiling for pictures. The way that these poses work is you talk to each other and enjoy each other’s company as you bask in the joy of newlywed bliss.

The entire time that you’re laughing and smiling, your photographer will be snapping photos capturing all of the candid smiles and laughs that you’re sharing. Capturing candid photos gives you the chance to relax and approach photo taking in a more natural way.

Holding Hands

The holding hands pose is another pose that will continue to be a tradition no matter the theme of your wedding. The reason that it’s a famous pose is that there are many ways that you can intertwine your fingers with your spouse and capture the love that is radiating between the two of you.

Perhaps, you’ll want to have your backs to the camera while holding hands, and your husband plants a kiss on your forehead. Or you could lean forward while holding both hands and look into the eyes of each other.

Golden Hour Photos

There’s something about taking pictures during the golden hour that brings a whole new meaning to find the right light. Everything that the sun kisses as it goes down seems to glow magically.

Ensure that your photographer sticks around long enough to capture the beauty of your wedding day in the glow of the setting sun. If you didn’t believe in magic before, you unquestionably will believe in it once you see the outcome of these photos.

Exit Pictures

Before the night is set to end, take some pictures of your grand exit. Some people choose to do a sparkler send-off where guests create two lines around the couple holding lit sparklers. You may even decide to drive away in a vintage Aston Martin if that better fits your personality.

The send-off is unique because it shows the beginning of your new life as a married couple. When you look at your photo album, you’re going to remember exactly how you felt when you were whisked away to begin your honeymoon with your spouse.

The Crowd’s Reaction

Another pose that you’re going to want to have the photographer capture is your guests’ reaction when they see you walk down the aisle for the first time. Something you may want to ask for is a picture right before seeing you and then one once they turn around.

Capturing the reaction of your guests is only going to intensify the self-confidence that you feel in that moment as well as enhancing the moment. One great thing about this photo is that you’ll be able to capture your groom’s reaction at the end of the alter as well.

Head Rest

The headrest is a photo that you’re going to want to take because it’s an intimate moment that you will share with your spouse. All that you’ve got to do is close your eyes and gently rest your foreheads together.

This pose can also be photographed if you and your spouse decide to pray before your ceremony.

Wedding Photo Poses to Try

When you’re thinking of all the wedding photo poses that you want to try, your photographer will help position you in the right ways. Remember that the pictures taken on your wedding day will last forever, and you’ll want them to capture your special day truly.

If you’re looking for a photographer for your wedding, take a look at our past work and wedding pricing. Let us put our photography experience to work for you and help you to have a beautiful day.