At the average wedding, you can expect your hired photographer to take anywhere between 400 and 800 images. While this may sound like a lot, these photos are taken over the course of a full day. It’s important to make each and every one of them count!

For this reason, knowing what wedding poses to use is an important step before hiring wedding photographers in Newcastle. Here, we’re going to talk about some of the best poses for immortalising your big day!

1. Study Other’s Wedding Poses

The first step to taking wedding poses is to look at what other brides and grooms are doing. This means signing into Pinterest and looking at pictures that various brides have uploaded. It also means looking at the portfolios of Newcastle wedding photographers to get an idea of what experts are doing.

Most people look flattering with a classic red carpet pose. This pose consists of rotating your hips 45° from the camera and placing your weight on your back foot. You’ll then want to cross your other leg in front of your back foot point the front foot toward the camera.

However, everyone is different. When researching, make sure that you focus on brides that have similar body types and facial bone structures to yourself. You want to make sure that you look as flattering as possible, which means researching what works for those who look more like you than not.

2. Wear Photogenic Makeup

Every bride knows that makeup can serve to make her look more photogenic in wedding pictures. However, what you may not know is that some cosmetic finishes can make you look washed out behind the lens of a camera.

Cameras tend to pick up on yellow and orange makeup a bit more intensely than other colours. This includes bronzer that makes you look sun-kissed in real life. You’ll wind up looking a bit like a citrus fruit in photos.

Instead, a good foundation is likely a better option. Use something that complements your skin tone and makes you look radiant.

You also may want to stay away from using glitter and shimmering creams when applying wedding makeup. The glimmer that it gives you will likely look like sweat in photos rather than a purposeful fashion statement.

3. Smile Fully and Unabashedly

Have you ever seen a picture of someone whose smile isn’t quite reaching their eyes? The person usually looks absolutely miserable, as though they were feeling horrid and forced to put on a brave face for the camera.

It’s your wedding day! This absolutely shouldn’t be the case, and you don’t want pictures to make you look as though you’ve swallowed a lemon.

Make sure that while you’re in front of the camera, you’re genuinely happy and excited. Think about how wonderful it’s going to be to walk down the aisle towards your groom or bride. Think of the amazing reception that you’ll have in celebration of your love. Think about what growing old with them is going to be like!

Your smile is sure to reach your eyes after that.

4. Don’t Underestimate the Bouquet

Your wedding bouquet should have been carefully selected as a focal point of your outfit. You’ll have (hopefully) made sure that it complements your dress, makeup, and bridesmaid’s outfits. Because the bouquet serves to draw everything together, you’ll want to show it off in photos!

Generally, you don’t want to put things straight in front of you during photo shoots, and your bouquet is no exception. Instead, experts advise brides to hold their bouquet at their side.

But what about height?

Holding your bouquet too high will make you bunch up your shoulders. It will also make you more likely to cover up gorgeous accents on your dress. However, holding it too low will also look awkward and unnatural. Hip level is generally considered to be a perfect sort of happy medium.

5. For Couple Photos…

Couple photos are quite possibly the most exciting pictures to be taken at your wedding. While photos of you and your bridesmaids are important, this day is meant to celebrate the love between yourself and your groom or bride.

There are a few tried-and-true poses that look amazing for couples. For full-body photos (besides candids), you’ll want to make sure that you’re leaning towards your partner. Since you obviously like looking at them and being with them, this shouldn’t be too difficult! Allow yourself to be absorbed in them.

You also will want to take some close-ups of your faces. Kissing generally looks strange in photos, but that moment when you lean in before a kiss? Gorgeous.

6. Listen to Your Wedding Photographer

Your wedding photographer is there for multiple reasons. Not only are they going to take amazing wedding pictures, but they also are there to answer any questions that you may have during each step of the process.

Wedding photographers are experts in what looks best in pictures. They’ll tell you how to move around during your photoshoots, where to place your hands, and what direction you should look in. Make sure that you take their advice! They’ve done many weddings and have an experience-based understanding of what will work best.

7. Practise Beforehand

This may sound like silly advice, but try practising your photoshoot before the big day. Ask a family member, bridesmaid, or groomsman who’s good at taking photos to pretend to be your wedding photographer. You don’t need to get all dressed up, but try snapping some photos to see what your best angles are.

Doing this will give you some definitive information to work with and ensure that you know what poses and angles look best for you and your partner specifically.

Get Started!

While deciding on poses for wedding photos can be a challenge, it’s all worth it. This is one of the biggest days of your life, after all! Immortalising it is incredibly important.

Now that you know the best wedding poses for the big day, it’s time to investigate the best Newcastle wedding photographers out there. Look into the many packages and pricing options that we offer and decide which one best fits into your budget. Once that’s done, feel free to contact our experts with any lingering questions that you may have!