More than 240,000 weddings take place every year in England and Wales.

That’s a huge number of happy couples tying the knot! And you can guarantee that every single one of them wants it to be a day to remember.

Of course, a lot goes into making that happen. Everything from the venue and guest list to the menu and entertainment make a difference. But having a wedding photographer on hand to capture it is undoubtedly one of the most important pieces of the puzzle.

After all, photographing a wedding provides the bride and groom with beautiful images of their special day. The photographs become cherished possessions- mementoes of the day’s events to be looked back upon in perpetuity.

Which is why it’s so important to do them justice.

Are you getting married soon? Well, you’ll want to ensure the wedding photography’s up to standard. Read on for 9 mistakes to avoid when photographing your wedding in the North East.

1. Not Hiring a Photographer!

The first and most important mistake to avoid is failing to hire a photographer for the big day.

Don’t get us wrong. We totally understand how tempting it can be. After all, weddings are expensive affairs. The average cost of getting hitched in the UK is now up at a staggering £30,355!

With such huge sums of money being spent, many couples choose to cut back where possible- including on the photos. However, you can’t expect Uncle Bob’s iPhone to capture the magic of your wedding in the same way. Forking out the cash for a professional photographer is sure to provide better results.

2. Not Paying out for Professional Quality

However, not all wedding photographers are made equal!

Like any profession, a wide range of talent-levels exists out there. Heck, many people just buy themselves a high-quality camera and claim to be a photographer, without having the necessary skills to deliver on that promise.

The last thing you want to do is pay for one who isn’t cut out for the task. It’ll feel like money down the drain. Even worse, though, you’ll end up with substandard photos with which to remember your wedding.

Avoid the budget option where possible. Paying a bit extra for a true professional will ensure you get the photographs you want.

3. Not Meeting the Photographer in Person Before the Big Day

It’s important to meet your wedding photographer beforehand as well.

You can get a good sense of someone’s style and aptitude from their website and online portfolio. But you’ll have less idea about their personality, trustworthiness, or work-ethic. Getting to know them before the big day will help you hire someone with all the qualities you need.

Even better, you have a chance to sit down and discuss your preferences, ideas, and schedule requirements as well. More on these in the coming points!

4. Not Booking in Advance

Quality wedding photographers are in high demand, so make sure you book yours well ahead of time. There’s nothing more disappointing than finding the perfect person who’s unavailable on your wedding day!

Calling in advance should help you avoid that eventuality.

5. Not Providing Your Preferences (AKA the Shot List)

The best wedding photographers shouldn’t need too much direction. They’ve got all the gear and skill required to capture your wedding in clever and creative ways.

But they’re not mindreaders! If you’ve got specific requests for shots you want to walk away with, then be sure to tell the photographer in advance. Compiling a shot-list will help make that happen.  

6. Not Hiring a Makeup Artist

Makeup artists aren’t essential.

As experts at their craft, though, these guys can make you look your best on the big day. And that’s good news for your wedding snaps. You’re sure to prefer those close-ups when you’ve had a pro do your makeup beforehand!

Having said that, it’s worth having them do your makeup before the wedding itself as well. You’ll get a sense of their capabilities and know they’re up for the task ahead.

7. Not Leveraging the Venue’s Best Backgrounds

Make the most of the wedding day environment in your photos as well.

Most bride-and-grooms-to-be pick stunning venues in which to hold their wedding. There might be beautiful buildings, pretty gardens, and picturesque landscapes scattered around. There might be a band playing, fairy lights up, awnings in place, and so on.

It’d be a shame not to showcase these in your wedding snaps. Get creative and make sure you pick the best backgrounds possible for your pics.

8. Not Taking the Time of Day Into Consideration

Don’t forget the lighting either!

You don’t have to be a pro photographer to realize that different times of day offer better light for photos. The warm glow of a setting sun, for instance, provides infinitely better pics than the harsh mid-day sun.

The photographer should have this covered. But it’s still a worthy consideration to keep in mind when planning your pics.

9. Not Having Back Ups

Imagine choosing to shoot your own wedding only to find the camera doesn’t work on the day! It’d be devastating. Always have a back-up to hand, just in case.

The same goes if you hire a photographer. Make sure they have enough equipment to capture the big day as intended. You could even hire a second photographer for the wedding.

It’s hard for one person to cover an entire event without missing anything! Having a second cameraman removes that issue.

Master the Art of Photographing a Wedding

Photographing a wedding is an almighty responsibility.

After all, it’s the biggest day of most peoples’ lives! It’s natural for the bride and groom to want high-quality, professional images to mark it appropriately. Avoid the mistakes in this article and you’re sure to walk away with the best wedding pics possible!

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