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Newcastle Wedding Makeup Artist From Skullduggeri

This week for our wedding supplier interview I fire some questions at a very talented make up  artist from Skullduggeri who I had the privilege of working with on the morning of Kathryn’s wedding.

So lets dive right in by starting off with a little introduction..

My name is Jennifer McTiernan I am the beauty therapist at Skullduggeri Hair & Beauty salon in Newcastle’s city centre, right next to St Nicholas Cathedral. I’ve worked here for 4 years this month.

Q. What made you become a make up artist? 

A. I love make up, I love what it can do to people’s confidence, and selfishly, I enjoy how I make people feel.

Q. Have you faced any difficulties along the way?

A. Doing people’s make up is such a personal service and everyone has different ideas on beauty and what would suit them etc so you have to get to know someone in a short period of time to make sure the service you provide is perfect for them.

Q. What would be your best tip to give to future brides on choosing a makeup artist for their wedding?

A. Always ask for recommendations, and always choose a make up artist that insists on a trial for the bride.

Q. How many people are working at Skullduggeri?

A. There are 6 members of Skullduggeri, and I am the only make up artist.

Q. On average how many weddings do you roughly do a year?

Newcastle Wedding Makeup Artist From Skullduggeri A. 10 ish

Q. Do you offer a trial? And is this complimentary or added in with a package?

A. I insist on a full trial for the bride, and this is included in the cost of bridal make up.

Q. Is there any special touches you add or a signature look you go for?

A. I’d say my signature revolves around the eyes, being a beauty therapist I like to see if I can improve eyebrows to frame the face and always use false lashes

Q. What was the trend for last year’s brides?

A. Definitely a smokier, dramatic look compared to the year before.

Q. Is there a popular look for 2014 brides?

A. Vintage inspired flicks and lips.

Q. What type of preparation should the bride make either the night before or the morning of the wedding?

A. I like a nice moisturising facemask; I would advise not a lot of alcohol the night before as it does affect the skin around the eyes.

Q. Is there a certain kind of make up you use or that the brides will ask for?

A. I prefer mineral make up as it has a wonderful coverage and does not budge!

Q. What is the one thing you love most about wedding makeup?

A. Being apart of someone’s day, all the adrenalin and excitement, and when you get a thank you off someone, even though they’re letting you be part of it, it just makes everything worthwhile. Newcastle Wedding Makeup Artist From Skullduggeri


Fantastic interview there with Jen, certainly a couple things that resonated with me (and I don’t mean about the make up.)


If you would like to get in touch with Jennifer or any other of the Skullduggeri team check out there website at or head over to there Facebook page where they often post great cancellation deals.