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Wedding Supplier Interviewee || Janet White from White’s Candy Carts

Hi guys, Nicola & Chris-551
Welcome back to Leighton Bainbridge Photography. Today I bring you an interview with Janet White. Janet runs the sweet cart business, White’s Candy Carts. Established in 2013 White’s Candy Carts are a family run business, with all the sweet carts and other items hand crafted by her husband Shaun White. (Pretty talented guy right!)

I met White’s Candy Carts, as I was fortunate enough to photograph their daughter (Nicola’s) wedding at the Roker Hotel. Where I was able to see first hand what White’s Candy Cart had to offer.

So let’s jump right into the interview with Janet…

Q. How did you become involved in setting up a sweet cart business?

A. It started off with the planning of our own daughter Nicola’s wedding, as she wanted a sweet cart for her wedding so basically expanded since then.

Q. What difficulties have you faced along the way?

A. I would say starting any business is difficult at first, getting noticed and making people aware of your name and services.

Q. What would be your best tip to give to future brides when picking a sweetie cart for their wedding?

A. Do your research and make sure your happy with what you’re getting and that the level of customer service is high.  We take great pride and careful planning to make sure each of our brides happy with what we provide so on the day everything is just perfect.

Q. Do you offer anything else apart from the sweet cart?

If so what’s your most popular service?

A. As well as the cart we have our mini cart, our large Ferris wheel that can be filled with sweets or cupcakes, wedding wishing tree, wedding post box, and we also offer cupcake towers and cake pops! 

I would say after the cart the cake pops are our most popular.

Q. Do you have your own shop, unit or work from home? Nicola & Chris-501

A. We work from home based at Houghton-Le-Spring.

Q. Do you normally advise on a budget or do you work with the bride and grooms budget?

A. We do have set prices for the carts but can work with budgets as we have all of our other products.

Q. Is it just weddings or do you do other events?

A. We do weddings, birthdays, christenings or any other special event.

Q. On average how many weddings or events do you roughly do a week?

A. It averages out over the seasons depending whether we have summer or winter brides.

Q. Is there any special touches you add or a signature look you go for? 

A. We go for exactly what our bride’s request but can guarantee our carts will mesmerise the guests.

Q. How many people work with you or for you? Or is it solo?

A. We are a family run business so we all chip in and help. 

Hope you all enjoyed the interview with sweetie cart extraordinaires White’s Candy Carts. If you would like more information on their products and prices and how to book, please check out there Facebook page at; White’s Candy Cart.