Picture this you’re all dressed up on your wedding day, and the only people there to take pictures are your friends with their camera phones. While that’s great, you’re not going to have the high-quality images that you’re looking for.

What does a wedding photography package include? This is the question that you need to consider when you’re dreaming about those high-quality pictures that will capture your big day and immobilise those special moments forever.

In this article, we are going to breakdown all the components that make up a wedding photography package so that you understand everything you’re getting as well as ensuring that you’re getting the most bang for your buck.

What Does a Wedding Photography Package Include? Time.

You must know what you’re paying for. The first thing that’s covered by the price that you pay is the photographer’s time. A wedding isn’t a short production; it’s a process that can take a full day to complete. Not to mention post-production.

The photographer will be there during the time that you’re getting dressed, as you walk down the aisle and get married. They will be there during the reception capturing the first dance.

If you don’t require a photographer’s services for the entire day, that is something you can talk about with the photographer. In the contract, they will also note the cost of any additional hours that you may request from them the day of. They may also require you to pay more money if they need to bring along assistants to capture different angles.

Cost of Travel

If you’re going to enter a contract with a local photographer, this may not be a massive concern. However, if your photographer is coming from a different town, you will need to pay for travel. The photographer may require that you pay for their accommodations or pay for petrol that they will use to travel to the wedding destination.

Cost of the Pictures

Before you sign a contract, you need to discuss the cost of the pictures that will be taken the day of. Some photographers may charge you a separate fee for images printed and sent to you or placed on a drive instead. Many times, this cost is built-in the overall cost of the package. There are times that the cost of the pictures isn’t included.

You don’t have to purchase your prints from the person that photographed your wedding; however, if you’d like refined and quality photographs, it’s a better idea to get them from the photographer. Also, ask if you have the option to purchase a picture album in addition to the photos that were taken.

Are Other Shoots Included

Some studios have packages that offer couples discounts that allow them to shoot their engagement and wedding pictures. It would help if you asked about it because often, the cost of employing the photographer for one shoot may be higher than including your pre-wedding and wedding day shoot.

If you’re thinking about doing a post-wedding shoot such as trash the wedding dress shoot, it’s worth asking the photographer if they do those types of shoots and what the price of that shoot would be.

Wedding Insurance

The contract will include insurance in case something goes wrong the day of or if any of the equipment is damaged. On your side, the insurance is in place if your photographer doesn’t show up at the wedding. Or if they don’t deliver the services and images that you all agreed upon.

The insurance coverage will ensure that you don’t lose your money because of fault on the photographer’s side.

When Should You Secure the Photographer?

Typically, weddings are planned and executed within a year or two. Therefore, depending on when you’re getting married will directly correlate to when you need to secure your wedding photographer.

If your wedding is a year off, it’s recommended that you choose a photographer anywhere form 10-11 months ahead of the big day. This gives you time to review their work and get your engagement pictures done.

It also gives you enough time to find another photographer if the one that you’d decided on originally bails out at the last minute. Scheduling a photographer early also gives you the time to cancel with the photographer without facing any penalties because of the late cancellation.

 Questions to Ask the Photographer

Before you decide on a photographer, you need to ask them some questions beforehand. These questions will help you to get the best and most straightforward answers before signing an official agreement with the photographer.

Some of the questions that you need to ask the photographer to get a better feel for the way that they conduct business includes:

  • What is their style of photography
  • Can I see some of your wedding photography photographs
  • What are the different packages that they offer
  • How soon after the wedding will you receive your photos
  • How will you receive your photos
  • Can family and friends purchase photos from them
  • How busy are they during your wedding month
  • Can you read through the contract
  • What are your prices

Having the answers to all of these questions will help you decide when it comes to photographers. It will also help you to decide on the particular package that you wish to use on your special day.

This is crucial because you don’t want to get stuck paying for something that you don’t want and aren’t satisfied with.

Picture Ready

When answering the question, what does a wedding photography package include? You’ve got to consider all the things that we’ve listed above. Hopefully, we gave you the information that you need to make your final decision.

If you’re currently looking for someone to photograph your big day get in contact with us. We would love to capture the beauty of your wedding through our camera lens.